Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bought a Samsung Omnia i900 mobile phone.

Well everyone I finally decided to upgrade my 3 or so year old Sony Ericson K750i phone. I looked at many phones but decided on this one for a number of reasons. The main ones was the fact it runs Windows Mobile 6.1 and it runs it quite fast. It also has a nice 5MP Camera that takes some pretty decent pictures. Good enough for everyday use. It has  Wi-Fi. It comes with Office Mobile. It has GPS and you can download Google Maps for free and use it for navigation. It can connect to a VPN and you can remote desktop into PC’s with it.

I only got the phone on Saturday but have already used  it in the following ways:

  • Reading emails and opening word documents as I’m applying for jobs at the moment.
  • Posting a status update on Facebook when I got stuck in traffic.
  • Chatting on MSN Messenger to organize meeting up with friends.
  • Taking pictures of someone getting arrested by police.
  • Creating appointments in the calendar and tasks and syncing them up to Outlook
  • Syncing my contacts between my phone, msn and email.

In the future I can see myself using it in the following ways:

  • Using GPS and Google Maps for when I get lost in the city looking for a nightclub.
  • Using it for internet access for my laptop while I’m not at home.
  • Checking out movie times and other assorted info.

I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version but had hex edit  a file and change some phone settings. I will post a guide hopefully on the weekend if I get time.
I have also changed the theme from the default one to the normal Windows Mobile one so that I can see things such as appointments, tasks, notifications, emails on the “Today” screen. The first picture is a screenshot of what my phone looks like now. The second picture is of the default theme.


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Al Fresco said...

Hi Ashley - thanks for the info but can you make a phone call on the thing? ;-)